3) Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials Lab – Research Topics

Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials Lab

Director: Prof. Giuseppe M. Peretti

Research Topics

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Meniscal tissue regeneration

The development of an engineered meniscus represents a promising method to regenerate a tissue which is rarely able to spontaneously repair…

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Development of a novel biphasic scaffold for osteochondral lesions

Articular cartilage and subchondral bone frequently undergoes degeneration as a result of traumas or disease…

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New strategies to improve bone remodeling in vivo

Bone tissue is capable of spontaneous self-repair, generating new tissue that is indistinguishable from surrounding bone…

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Best source of MSC for osteogenesis

Hip arthroplasty represents one of the most common surgery in the orthopaedic field
and it represents the definitive treatment for osteoarthritis or hip dysplasia…