Cell and Tissue Engineering Laboratory – D’Arrigo, Daniele


Director: Dr. Matteo Moretti

Daniele D'Arrigo, Ph.D.


Dr. Daniele D’Arrigo received his MSc in Biotechnology Medical, Pharmaceutical and Veterinary Biotechnologies with orientation in “Biotechnologies applied to regenerative and reparative medicine”. He completed an Internship at the Department of Animal Health of the University of Parma, performing studies on the osteogenesis, remodeling and osteointegration potential of new generation of bioactive biomaterials. From May 2017 to the present, he is working as a researcher at the Cell and Tissue Engineering Laboratory, IRCCS Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute of Milan (Italy). He works on preclinical models and translational approaches in the musculoskeletal field. In particular, his research is focused on regenerative medicine and integration of prosthetic devices. He has also expertise in physical therapies for musculoskeletal disorders (PEMF) and tendon and nerve decellularization protocol. His work regards the technical aspects of laboratory approaches along with R&D activities associated with histology and immunostaining, quantitative histomorphometric analyses of histological images, mesenchymal stem cells, scaffolds, handling and technical assistant in the developing of animal models, molecular biology techniques.