Endocrinology and Diabetology Service – RT: Biochemical markers in osteoporosis and hyperparathyroidism

Endocrinology and Diabetology Service

Director: Dr. Sabrina Corbetta

Research Topics

Biochemical markers in osteoporosis and hyperparathyroidism

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Osteoporosis is world-widely recognized as a main risk factor for fragility fractures. The diagnosis of osteoporosis is currently based on the values of bone mineral density (BMD) detected by DEXA; indeed, bone fragility is not correctly predicted by BMD in a number of clinical conditions. Circulating biochemical markers reflecting the functional status of the bone may represent a diagnostic tool able to improve the definition of the risk of fragility fractures.
We will focus the attention on the recently identified molecules released from the bone cells, included osteocytes, bone lymphocytes, and bone endothelial cells in order to investigate their changes in presence of diseases known to affect bone integrity, such as diabetes and hyperparathyroidism.