GSpine4 – Langella, Francesco


Doctor Francesco Langella is one of the staff surgeons. In the 2007/2008, he attended the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery “Université Louis Pasteur” of Strasbourg (France) where he joined the Department of Spine Surgery directed by Prof. Steib MD. He graduated in Medicine and Surgery in 2010 at the Second University of Naples with a study, on vertebral fractures due to osteoporosis. He completed his studies with 110/110 magna cum laude and acclaim of the commission. In 2015, Observership at the “San Diego Spine Foundation” San Diego (CA, United States) directed by Prof. Akbarnia MD. In 2016, Research Fellow at “Spine Research, Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS)” New York (NY, United States) directed by V.Lafage Ph.D. and F.Schwab MD Ph.D. with whom he still collaborates for the validation of the ” Berjano-Lamartina ” classification of adult spinal deformity.
In 2016 he completed the specialization with 60/60 magna cum laude by exposing his thesis: “Sagittal Spino-Pelvic Alignment: Xipho-Pubic Angle (XPA) Introduction of a New Radiographic Parameter”. The introduction of this new radiographic parameter developed in collaboration with the HSS in New York. In 2017, winner of the SIOT scholarship for the project “Osteoporosis & Spinal Alignment Study”, a study on the correlation between osteoporosis and spinal deformity. Clinical Interests: Conservative and surgical treatment of spinal deformity of the child and adolescent. Research interests: Spine biomechanics and adult spinal deformity.


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