GSpine4 – Lepori, Paolo


Dr. Paolo Lepori is responsible for the Cervical Surgery Section of the GSpine4 operative unit at I.R.C.C.S. Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute of Milan, where it carries out surgical activities in agreement with the National Health System. Performs microsurgery, minimally invasive surgery and traditional surgery of high specialization throughout the spine, with particular reference to the cervical spine. It usually runs about 300 operations a year for at least ten years.
1984: Degree in Medicine and Surgery cum laude University of Pisa
1988: Specialization in Neurology, University of Pisa
1992: Visiting fellowship, Prof. R. Luis, Spinal Unit of Hospital de la Concecption, Marseille (France)
2008: Specialization in Neurosurgery University of Pisa
1993-1999: Training under the direct supervision of Dr. P. Kluger
RKU Spinal Unit, Ulm (Germany)


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