GSpine4 – Pejrona, Matteo


Born in Saluzzo, Italy, in 1981, he graduated in Medicine at University of Turin, Italy, in 2007; during his studies he attended the Faculty of Medicine at University of Witten- Herdecke, Germany. He graduated in Neurosurgery at University of Turin, Italy, in 2013 (Prof. Ducati, Prof. Lanotte) discussing about “The lateral lumbar spine plain radiogram as a predictor of the sagittal imbalance”. During is residency program he always focused on spinal diseases and attended the “IRCCS Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi” in Milan, Italy (Prof. Lamartina, Dr. Bassani, 2011-2012) where he could strengthen the fundamentals of the surgical treatment of spinal pathologies. In 2016 he got a master degree in Microneurosurgical Techniques at University of Turin. Dr. Pejrona is now a member of the équipe of Dr. Berjano and Prof. Lamartina (GSpine4), treating a wide range of spinal pathologies (degenerative diseases, deformities, trauma, tumors). He collaborates with another spine center in Switzerland, provides training for surgeons and is member of AOSpine, one of the most important scientific community for spinal surgeons. Scientific interests of Dr. Pejrona are mostly related to degenerative deformities and sagittal misalignment; about this topic he is author or co-author of various publications in international scientific journals.


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