Laboratory of Biotechnological Applications – RT: In vitro effect of Activated Platelet Concentrate and anti-osteoporotic drugs

Laboratory of Biotechnological Applications

Director: Prof. Anna Brini

Research Topics

In vitro effect of Activated Platelet Concentrate and anti-osteoporotic drugs on human primary osteoblasts and progenitors

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By studying the in vitro effects of hemoderivatives, routinely used in the dental clinic for favoring tissue healing, we have been able to confirm that Activated Platelet Concentrate exerts a trophic action on MSCs, suggesting that its clinical beneficial action can be due to its effect on progenitor cells recruited at the lesion site. We also showed that cryopreservation does not affect their regenerative potential. Similar results were also obtained with primary osteoblasts showing that their components might favori bone formation in vivo.
Furthermore, being interested in bone regeneration and in studying diseases affecting bone tissue recently we started to investigate the bisphosphonates effect in vitro since they are prescribed to patients with both benign and oncological bone diseases. We looked at the effect of Alendronate and Zoledronate on primary human osteoblasts isolated from bone specimens obtained, after patient’s informed written consent, from the ANCA1 ward of our Institute. Interestingly, we found that bisphosphonates induce alterations on both the expression of extracellular matrix components and the release of soluble mediators. We believe that our results in the laboratory might be related to the onset and persistence of some side effects described in patients under treatment with these drugs, such as atypical femoral fractures or osteonecrosis of the jaw.