3.1) Odontostomatology Unit – Research Topics – Topic 1

Odontostomatology Unit

Director: Dr. Luca Francetti

Research Topics

Guided bone and tissue regeneration


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Guided tissue regeneration, has guided bone regeneration included in its definition as follows: “Procedures attempting to regenerate lost periodontal structures through differential tissue responses. Guided bone regeneration typically refers to ridge augmentation or bone regenerative procedures; guided tissue regeneration typically refers to the regeneration of periodontal attachment. Our department attempt to have an evaluation of different and new Barrier techniques, using materials such as expanded polytetrafluoroethylene, polyglactin, polylactic acid, calcium sulfate, and collagen, are employed in the hope of excluding epithelium and the gingival corium from the root or existing bone surface in the belief that they interfere with regeneration.” Both of these concepts are under the umbrella term of regeneration, which in itself is defined as, “reproduction or reconstruction of a lost or injured part.”
The Research activity was performed both in laboratory settings, mostly exploring the characteristics and the behaviors of Platelet Derivatives, and in Clinical Practice, looking for potential practical applications of the results of the laboratory research.