2) OBL – Criniti, Salvatore


Director: Dr. Laura De Girolamo

Salvatore Criniti, MSc


Salvatore Criniti is the research assistant in the research laboratories of the Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi and he is a research analyst in the REGAIN team of the same institute. He received his Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology at University of Milan in 2013. He worked in a Biotech company and in a commercial company. He has both activities as lab technician and research activities, focused on biobanking and data collection.



Gelosa P, Pignieri A, Gianazza E, Criniti S, Guerrini U, Cappellini MD, Banfi C, Tremoli E, Sironi L. Altered iron homeostasis in an animal model of hypertensive nephropathy: stroke-prone rats. Hypertens. 2013 Nov;31(11):2259-69