News – Arianna Lovati -AMPROject – Unmet Medical Needs Grant

NEWS - February 2023

AMPROject kick-off meeting taken place at the IRCCS Ospedale Galeazzi-Sant’Ambrogio

In the picture, in the foreground from left: Anna Lo Russo, Paola Bagnoli, Arianna B. Lovati (IRCCS Ospedale Galeazzi-Sant’Ambrogio) and Elisa Angelini (University of Pavia). In the second line from left: Silvia Lopa, Stefania Brambilla, Vincenzo Pennone (IRCCS Ospedale Galeazzi-Sant’Ambrogio), Flavia Marinelli and Elena Rosini (University of Insubria), Mara Brunati and Giacomo Carenzi (FIIRV), and David Sarlah (University of Pavia).

AMPROject Consortium partners celebrated its kick-off meeting in Milan on February 6, 2023.

AMPROject (AntiMicrobial Peptides-enriched silk fibroin scaffolds: a new strategy to boost the efficacy of conventional antibiotics in antimicrobial Resistance Orthopedic infections) is funded by Fondazione Regionale per la Ricerca Biomedica in Regione Lombardia (FRRB) through the framework program Unmet Medical Needs.

The project coordinator, Dr. Arianna B. Lovati, welcomed the Partners – University of Insubria, University of Pavia and Fondazione Istituto Insubrico Ricerca per la Vita – at the IRCCS Ospedale Galeazzi-Sant’Ambrogio.

Biofilm-related infections and septic nonunions are the most severe sequelae due to antibiotic inefficacy and increased antibiotic resistance in orthopedics. The main goal of AMPROject is the establishment of novel antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) loaded onto osteoconductive biomaterials, thus tailoring therapeutic composites to treat bone infections preventing biofilm formation. The innovative composites will support bone healing while delivering AMPs, drastically lowering the occurrence of antibiotic resistance. This approach holds the promise to translate the developed advanced products in clinics in the medium term.
During the meeting, we had the opportunity to know the activities of the four Partners in and out the AMPROject. The meeting allowed describing deeper the project background and the biofilm-related infections that occur in orthopedics. We analyzed, updated and discussed the project scopes, the work packages and the partners’ involvement in the different tasks.

The meeting was very successful and the round table generated several ideas and set the time plan for developing the project.