1) Cell and Tissue Engineering Laboratory – Overview

Cell and Tissue Engineering Laboratory

Director: Dr. Matteo Moretti



Our laboratory applies an interdisciplinary approach that combines experimental and computational methodologies to develop advanced cell culture systems with the final aim of investigating complex biological processes and generating 3D engineered tissues.
We design and develop advanced 3D miniaturized in vitro models mimicking different musculoskeletal tissues, including bone, cartilage, and muscle. In particular, our research aims to investigate the mechanisms underlying the metastatic process and the pathogenesis of inflammatory articular diseases, with a focus on the process of extravasation and on the specific role of endothelium. We also design and employ custom-made macroscale bioreactors for the dynamic culture and biophysical stimulation of 3D constructs. Specifically, we develop bioreactors able to mechanical stimuli, such as hydrostatic pressure, to evaluate the cellular response to rehabilitation programs and to engineer in vitro bone, cartilage, and tendon constructs. Regarding the topic of implant osteointegration, our group has led several projects in collaboration with academic and industrial partners to generate and test macroporous metallic implants enriched with bioactive materials, conducting in vitro and preclinical studies.
Orthopedic infections represent another area of expertise of our group. Projects in this area include the use of preclinical models of infection to test antimicrobial strategies and the profiling of bacterial biofilm for the prevention and treatment of biofilm implant-related infections.
In 2017, our group has expanded towards a new discipline based on visual science that aims at explaining scientific contents using visualization tools, including modelling of protein structures, conceptual schemes of methodologies, graphical representations of biological processes and medical approaches. The combination of our strong scientific background and graphic design expertise has led to the development of a new facility, called GoArtS – Galeazzi Art for Science.