1) Clinical Epidemiology Unit – Overview

Clinical Epidemiology Unit

Director: Dr. Lorenzo Moja


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Our Clinical Epidemiology Unit is committed to conduct clinical research to promote evidence-based medicine and practice. We combine clinical, epidemiological, and biostatistical expertise to improve our understanding on the effectiveness of biomedical interventions in a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions. Our unit is focused on translational research, including meta-epidemiologic studies, knowledge syntheses and clinical trials in orthopedics and rehabilitation. We also explore how to best transfer evidence to the point of care through new technologies and media.


– allow for better healthcare decision-making in rehabilitation and orthopedics

– promote clinical research through institutional cooperation

– cooperate with industry for diagnostic tool/device related to clinical research

– collaborate with universities in knowledge transfer

– collaborate with international partners

We accomplish these objectives through a multidisciplinary approach.