News – Laura de Girolamo and Anna Brini – GISM

NEWS - April 2019

Dr. Laura de Girolamo and Prof. Anna Teresa Brini and their lab members actively participated in the 2019 GISM annual meeting


The Laboratory of Orhtopaedic applied Biotechnology, led by Dr. Laura de Girolamo, and the Laboratory of Biotechnological Applications, led by Prof. Anna Teresa Brini actively, participated at the 2019 annual meeting of GISM (Italian Mesenchymal Stem Cell Group), of which Dr. de Girolamo and Prof. Brini are founding members and currently part of the Board of Directors. The event took place in Genova, in the congress center of Ospedale Policlinico San Martino. The meeting covered 2 days, from 4th to 5th, during which the Galeazzi Lab members presented 6 posters and 2 podium presentation. The meeting focused on handling human mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (MCSs) and their translation to clinical practice. The scientific sessions of the second day were organized in cooperation with SIGASCOT (Italian Society of the Knee, Arthroscopy, Sports traumatology, Cartilage and Orthopaedic Technology) of which Dr. de Girolamo is chairwoman of the Basic Science Committee, with special attention to musculoskeletal applications.