Clinical Epidemiology Unit – Fattori, Greta


Federica Fattori was born in Milan, in 1976. She has a background in law studies and considerable work experience as a financial adviser. Since November 2014, she has collaborated with IRCCS Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi (Milan) within the CODES (GR-2009-606736) and GRADE-Dispute (GR-2011-02348048) clinical research programmes carried out by Dr. Lorenzo Moja, being involved in coordinating, research and communication functions. In particular, she sorts out documents for research partners, ethics committees and other key institutions, and deals with registration and administrative procedures. She closely follows the publication process of scientific papers as well as the monitoring of research activities. She provides support with regard to the analysis and extraction of data from scientific papers for the development of meta-analyses and systematic reviews. She keeps libraries up to date, and advises on bibliometric analyses and the use of databases. She has recently attended several courses on database management, citation research and bibliometric indicators. She has developed a detailed knowledge of national and international public competition announcements for the allocation of funds (search, selection and submission of applications).