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Our Most Recent Publications

Chronobiology and Biological Rhythms

Vitale J.A., Weydahl A. Chronotype, Physical Activity, and Sport Performance: A Systematic Review. Sports Medicine. 47(9):1859-1868. 2017.

Vitale J.A., Roveda E., Montaruli A., Galasso L., Weydahl A., Caumo A., Carandente F. Chronotype influences activity circadian rhythm and sleep: difference in sleep quality between weekdays and weekend. Chronobioloy International 32(3): 405-15. 2015.

Vitale J.A., Bonato M., Galasso L., La Torre A., Merati G., Montaruli A., Roveda E., Carandente F. Sleep Quality and High Intensity Interval Training at two different times of day: a crossover study on the influence of chronotype in male collegiate soccer players. Chronobiology International, 34(2):260-268. 2017

Lombardi G., Vitale J.A., Logoluso S., Logoluso G., Cocco N., Cocco G., Cocco A., Banfi G. Circannual rhythm of plasmatic vitamin D levels and the association with markers of psychophysical stress in a cohort of Italian professional soccer players. Chronobiology International. 34(4):471-479. 2017.

Vitale JA, Lombardi G, Cavaleri L, Graziani R, Schoenhuber H, Torre A, Banfi G. Rates of insufficiency and deficiency of vitamin D levels in elite professional male and female skiers: A chronobiologic approach. Chronobiology International. 2017

Vitale J.A., La Torre A., Baldassarre R., Piacentini M.F., Bonato M. Ratings of Perceived Exertion and Self-reported Mood State in Response to High Intensity Interval Training. A Crossover Study on the Effect of Chronotype. Frontiers in Psychology. 8:1232. 2017.

Bruno-Brayda M., Viganò M, Cauci S, Vitale JA, de Girolamo L, De Luca P, Lombardi G, Banfi G, Colombini A. Plasma vitamin D and osteo-cartilaginous markers in Italian males affected by intervertebral disc degeneration: focus on seasonal and pathological trend of type II collagen degradation. Clin Chim Acta. 471:87-93. 2017.

Vitale J.A., Bjoerkesett E., Campana A., Panizza G., Weydahl A. Chronotype and response to training during the polar night: a pilot study. International Journal of Circumpolar Health 76(1). 2017.

Bonato M., La Torre A., Saresella M., Marventano I., Merati G., Vitale J.A. Salivary cortisol concentration after high-intensity interval exercise: Time of day and chronotype effect. Chronobiology International. 34(6):698-707. 2017.

Roveda E., Vitale JA, Montaruli A., Galasso L., Carandente F., Caumo A. Predicting the actigraphy-based acrophase using the Morningness-Eveningness Questionnaire (MEQ) in college students of North Italy. Chronobiology International 34(5):551-562. 2017.

Montaruli A., Galasso L., Carandente F., Vitale J.A., Roveda E., Caumo A. If the MorningEvening Questionnaire (MEQ) is able to predict the actigraphy-based acrophase, how does its reduced, five-item version (rMEQ) perform? Chronobiology International 34(4):443-444. 2017.


Sports Performance & Physiology

Vitale J.A., Bassani T., Galbusera F., Bianchi A., Martinelli N. Injury rates in martial art 5 athletes: anthropometric parameters and training volume, but not foot morphology indexes, are predictive risk factors for lower limb injuries. J Sports Med Phys Fitness. 2017

Vitale JA, La Torre A, Banfi G, Bonato M.  Effects of an 8-Weeks Body-Weight Neuromuscular Training on Dynamic-Balance and Vertical Jump Performances in Elite Junior Skiing Athletes: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Journal of Strength & Conditionig Research. 2018

Vitale J.A., Caumo A., Roveda E., Montaruli A., La Torre A., Battaglini C.L., Carandente F. Physical attributes and NFL combine performance tests between Italian national league and american football players: a comparative study. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. 30(10):2802-8.  2016.

Tringali C., Scala L., Silvestri I., Vitale J.A., Scurati R., Michielon G., Alberti G., Venerando B. Protective role of 17-β-estradiol towards IL-6 leukocyte expression induced by intense training in young female athletes. Journal of Sport Sciences 32(5): 452-61. 2013.

Vitale J.A., Calogiuri G., Weydahl A. Influence of chronotype on responses to a standardized, sel-paced walking task in the morning vs afternoon: a pilot study. Perceptual and Motor Skills 116(3): 1020-8. 2013.

Rossi A., Formenti F., Calogiuri G, Vitale J.A., Weydahl A. The effect of chronotype on psychophysiological responses during aerobic self-paced exercises. Perceptual and Motor Skills 121(3): 840-55. 2015.

Roveda E., Vitale J.A., Bruno E., Montaruli A., Pasanisi P., Villarini A., Gargano G., Galasso L., Berrino F., Caumo A., Carandente F. Protective effect of aerobic physical activity on sleep behaviour in breast cancer survivors. Integrative Cancer Therapies 16(1):21-31.2017.

Bruno E., Roveda E., Vitale J.A., Montaruli A., Villarini A., Pasanisi P., Cogliati P., Caumo A., Galasso L., Gargano G., Carandente F., Berrino F. Effect of aerobic exercise intervention on markers of insulin resistance in breast cancer women. European Journal of Cancer Care. 2016.

Bonato M., Galasso L., Agnello L., Montaruli A., Roveda E., Merati G., La Torre A., Vitale J.A. Acute Modification of Cardiac Autonomic Function of High-Intensity Interval Training in Collegiate Male Soccer Players with Different Chronotype: A Cross- Over Study. Journal of Sports Science & Medicine. 1;16(2):286-294. 2017.

Vitale J.A., Montaruli A., Michielon G., Scurati R., Alberti G., Carandente F., Roveda E. Sleep quality and cytokine expression after an exhaustive exercise: influence of ACE polymorphism I/D. Sleep and biological rhythm. 51(1): 31-37. 2017.

Sarcopenia and Risk of Falls in Osteoporotic Women

Messina C, Maffi G, Vitale JA, Ulivieri FM, Guglielmi G, Sconfienza LM. Diagnostic imaging of osteoporosis and sarcopenia: a narrative review.  Quant Imaging Med Surg. 2018.