3) LEBMB – Research Topics

Research Topics


Endocrine Function of Bone

Bone tissue has been considered for a long time only as the effector of standing and movement as well as the main calcium deposit…


Exercise, inflammation and metabolism

Physical activity is a well-known effective treatment for chronic inflammatory/metabolic diseases…


miRNAs expression and function

Micro RNA are 18-22 nucleotide-long RNA molecules, transcribed from specific miRNA genes, acting as direct regulators of protein expression…


Whole-body cryotherapy

Whole-body cryotherapy (WBC) is a medical physical treatment based on the brief whole-body exposure to extremely cold air (-110°C to -140°C) in specific cryochambers…


Pre-analytical phase in biomarkers measurements

Regardless of the method of measurement, the concentration of an analyte in a biological sample depends on biological, analytical, and pre-analytical variability…