3b) LaMSS, Laboratory of Movement & Sport Science – Sports Performance & Physiology

LaMSS, Laboratory of Movement & Sport Science

Director: Dr. Jacopo Vitale

Research Topics

Sports Performance & Physiology

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Star Excursion Balance Test (SEBT) field-based performance to assess dynamic balance in a professional volleyball player.

Athletic activities lead to several benefits for the subjects. However, traumatic and overuse injuries are very common both in team and individual sports and several risk factors can be identified. We examine the distribution of injuries among athletes, physical performance through validated field- and laboratory-based tests, and the physiological responses to training. In particular, sleep behavior is studied, through actigraphy, as a crucial physiological adaptation to the training stimulus. Sleep and physical activity have a reciprocal relationship and studies suggest that though physical activity is advantageous for sleep it is not clear how large these benefits actually are. Regular moderate physical activity can have beneficial effects on sleep but intensive acute exercise, especially when performed close to bedtime may negatively affect sleep behavior. Populations of professional soccer, volleyball, basketball, rugby, ski athletes, martial artists, and cyclists are investigated.