Zebrafish Lab – Mariotti, Massimo


Massimo Mariotti, biologist, is the director of the Zebrafish Laboratory of Bone Metabolism and Disease. He received his Master degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Milan, Italy in the 1996. He was a post-doc researcher in the Fishman’s Lab at Cardiovascular Research Center (CVRC) – Mass. General Hospital – Harvard Medical School (Boston, USA) where he was involved in research projects concerning the cardiovascular development in Danio rerio. From 2002 he is aggregate professor of General Pathology at the University of Milan where does research and teaching activity at the Medical School. From 2010 is the Director of Zebrafish Laboratory of Bone Metabolism and Disease. His main research interests are the physiological mechanisms of adult bone metabolism and turnover in Danio rerio. In addition, he created different zebrafish models of human bone diseases useful for pathophysiological studies and drug screening. He published several papers in international peer-reviewed journals.



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