2) LEBMB – Faraldi, Martina


Director: Prof. Giovanni Lombardi

Martina Faraldi, Ph.D.


Martina Faraldi has received her master degree in Medical Biotechnology in 2012 at Biochemistry Department of “Sapienza”, University of Rome and the PhD in Morphogenesis and Tissue Engineering in 2016 at the Department of Anatomical, Histological, Forensic and Orthopedic Science – Section of Histology and Medical Embryology of “Sapienza”, University of Rome. During the PhD, her research was focused on the biological and biomechanical characterization of a 3-dimentional skeletal muscle engineered tissue and on the generation of new 3-dimentional culture systems to study skeletal muscle interplay with neuronal cells and cardiomyocytes. She is a post-doctoral researcher of the Laboratory of Experimental Biochemistry & Molecular Biology since January 2017 and she is involved in research projects on bone and β-pancreatic cells interaction, on the expression of free-circulating and exosome/microvesicle-associated miRNAs during physical activity and on the definition of the pre-analytical variables in the measurement of molecular biomarkers.



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