3.1) GSpine4 – Research Topics – Adult Spinal Deformity


Director: Dr. Pedro Berjano & Dr. Claudio Lamartina

Research Topics

Adult Spinal Deformity

Topic 3

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Adult scoliosis is a spinal deformity in a skeletally mature patient. This spine condition can affect up to the 68% of the elderly population. A loss of spine alignment usually determines increased muscle recruitment for the standing balance and walking, resulting in higher energy expenditure, more significant effort and pain. The surgical procedure performed in this cases represent a real challenge for the surgeon and the patients. Intra-operative and post-operative complication can jeopardize the good clinical outcomes. A significant part of our research effort is focusing on the introduction and validation Berjano & Lamartina classification. This classification permits a better interpretation of the deformity and muscle forces acting on the spine and helps surgical planning. The project aims to identify the most effective surgical procedure in cases of adult deformity.