3.1) GSpine4 – Research Topics – Minimally Invasive Project


Director: Dr. Pedro Berjano & Dr. Claudio Lamartina

Research Topics

Minimally Invasive Project

Topic 4

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Open surgical procedures are usually performed to correct the severe spinal deformity. In some cases, these procedures are associated with high intraoperative risks, revision rates and are challenged by frequent complication, neurological impairment, wound complication. MIS (Minimally Invasive Surgery) reducing the surgical trauma represents a fascinating solution in spine deformity. Considering the MIS application in the spine surgery field, this project aims to investigate:
-When MIs is a feasible treatment
-MIS ability of correction in cases of spine deformity
-The short and long terms clinical and radiographic outcomes
-The clinical assessment of modern and minimally invasive solutions for the treatment of complex problems of the spine: Lateral Interbody Fusion and Anterior Interbody Fusion.