Cell and Tissue Engineering Laboratory – Moretti, Matteo


Matteo Moretti is currently the Head of the Cell and Tissue Engineering Lab. He is also the director of the Regenerative Medicine Technologies Laboratory at EOC (Lugano, Switzerland) and he is a research affiliate at Harvard – MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology, MIT (Cambridge, USA). He graduated in Biomedical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano and got his master degree in bioengineering at Trinity College, Dublin. After his PhD at Politecnico di Milano, in collaboration with prof. Ivan Martin at University Hospital Basel, he was awarded with a Postdoctoral Fellowship funded by MIT, at the Langer Lab, MIT (USA), under the supervision of prof. Lisa Freed. Within the interdisciplinary field of tissue engineering his main research interests lie within multiscale advanced cell culture technologies. In multiscale bioreactor systems from design to fully working prototypes, aimed at developing microfluidic and bioreactor technologies for up-scalable, automated platforms as a key to more viable advanced therapies. On application of different physico-chemical cues to engineered vascularized tissues, with concern to human primary in vitro 3D model systems aimed at translational applications and as novel tools for biology research. He is treasurer and Council member of the Tissue Engineering Regenerative Medicine International Society (TERMIS-EU) and acts as Expert Reviewer for various Governments and Institutions, amongst which EU-FP7/HORIZON2020, UK BBSRC, Cancer Research UK, Israel-US BSF, Hong Kong ITC, German BMBF, Netherlands ZonMw, and ETH Zurich. He holds a licensed patent and is co-founder of 2 biotech startups (SKE s.r.l. and CELLEC A.G.) focused on bioreactor technologies. He is author of more than 65 papers on international peer reviewed journals.


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