GSpine4 – Boriani, Stefano


From 1 September 2017 Stefano Boriani has started a new clinical assistance and teaching activity at another IRCSS, the Galeazzi Institute of Milan, in the role of:
Head of Spine Tumor Surgery and Director of the Teaching Programs of the GSpine Division4.

The intense activity in the field of diagnosis and treatment of vertebral tumors has allowed Boriani to develop a Vertebral Tumors Staging System dedicated to the electronic filing of cases and the planning of surgery in relation to the local extension (WBB Staging System). Combined with the Enneking classification of bone tumors allows you to choose the most appropriate treatment.

It is a system widely used in the world, constantly cited in most of the scientific work dedicated to the study and treatment of vertebral tumors.

A second innovation was the proposal of: a system of reconstruction of the vertebral column after oncological excision. It is a modular system in composite material (Carbon Fiber and PEEK) that adapts to each resected segment and allows immediate and long-term stability thanks to the excellent promotion of bone formation within composite cages. This system can be connected with posterior or anterior fixation implants.

Finally, within the international study group of which he was co-chairman and now member of Steering Committee, he collaborated on the development of the SINS (Spine Instability Neoplastic Score), a staging system able to predict the degree of stability or of risk of fracture of a vertebra affected by a neoplasm. The aim of this system is to promote better interaction between the various specialists involved in the multidisciplinary treatment of vertebral neoplasms.

Together with his collaborator Dr. Gasbarrini he developed a Flow-Chart for the treatment of vertebral metastases. It is a therapeutic path based on the local and systemic clinical characteristics of the individual patient, which is thus at the center of the therapeutic choice. A feature of this Flow Chart, which differentiates it from other classifications and stadiations, is to be based on multidisciplinary protocols and collaborations and to be able to gradually adapt to surgical, radiotherapy and oncology advances.

There is a free downloadable App (iSMT) that allows you to follow this path on your smartphone or tablet, thus making the path easy to share.


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