GSpine4 – Aebi, Max


He graduated with honors from University of Milano-Bicocca in 2011 and then started Orthopaedic and Traumatology residency at University of Milano. Since the beginning of his career he has showed a deep interest in Spine Surgery and thus joined Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi, training under Dr. Lamartina and Dr. Berjano. He completed a clinical and research Fellowship focused on Cervical Spine Surgery under the tutelage of Dr. K. Daniel Riew at The Spine Hospital at New York-Presbyterian. He finished residency in 2017 and remained at Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi working in the team of GSpine4. His practice and scientific interest is entirely devoted to the treatment of the spine and in particular to adult and paediatric deformities, minimally invasive surgery, and cervical disorders.


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